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Fixed Indexed Annuities
with an Optional Income Rider

Athene AscentSM Pro
A knockout combination of growth and income!

Plus an optional rider1 that really packs a punch with...

Two winning options for Income Base growth:

  • Guaranteed Growth Option that includes a 10% Simple Interest Rate for the first 10 years and a 5% Simple Interest Rate for years 11-20.
  • Powerful Stacked Rollup Option. Leverage the growth potential of strong crediting strategies and a 200% Participation Rate2

Three Income Payment Options:

Includes Earnings-Indexed Income that provides clients with outstanding potential to grow income payments.


  • check iconCurrent Rates and Availability — Includes product availability, state variations and current rates.
  • check iconAgent Quick Reference Guide — Get the at-a-glance summary of all product features and provisions.
  • check iconGuaranteed Income Option — Find out more about the income option that's strong at all ages.
  • check iconStacked Rollup Income Option — Discover what this powerful combination of guarantees and rollup rates can do!
  • check iconEarnings-Indexed Payment Option Case Study — Show your clients how they can harness the combination of guarantees and growth potential to increase their income payments.

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Choose the right product for your client

Athene Ascent Pro

  • Choice of 5, 7, and 10-year terms, plus a 10-year bonus product
  • 1 fixed strategy, 5 interest crediting strategies — including 2 new volatility control indices, exclusive to Athene (Participation Rate applies)3
  • Minimum Interest Credit
  • Bailout Feature

Athene Ascent Income Rider

  • Available, for a charge, with the Athene Ascent 7 and 10-year term products
  • Guaranteed growth and stacked rollup Income Base growth options
  • 3 Income payment options, including Earnings-Indexed Income
  • Enhanced Income Benefit that doubles lifetime income during confinement for up to 60 months4

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